Zoo Do Something to Me

Remarkably, nine years has passed since we installed the multi-purpose playspace at Colchester Zoo. Featuring various climbing units, nets, swings and slides, the park has been an integral part of the Essex zoo’s successes over the last decade and continues to be well used every day of the open season.

Playspace Consultant Adam Sherwood-Pearce recently caught up with the zoo’s Paul Stacey and John Grayam and they told us that the park has had a noticeable effect on the neighbouring café’s revenues and clientele. When the park is shut for whatever reason, the café has a significant decrease in sales that day. 

It was also mentioned how fascinating it was to witness adults going on the units as well as the children. “It is utilised all year round and has extremely high footfall, especially in the summer. The play area has been a great investment for the zoo.” In recent times, the park has added themed evenings such as those for Christmas and Halloween, as well as floodlights so the zoo can stay open in the evenings.

During the routine maintenance visit, Adam learned that the site has needed minimal repairs over the years and that the main structures are as strong as the day they were first installed. We look forward to many more happy days at the zoo…



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