Milton Country Park in Cambridge is a wonderful example of how a community can engage with a project and genuinely make a difference through hard work, imagination and fundraising.

Milton’s playgrounds were hugely popular and well-used for many years. The original equipment was installed in 1999 and had reached the stage where a regeneration plan was needed. So the fundraising campaigns began.

In total, around £130,000 was secured from the likes of WREN, Amey Community Fund and Cambridge Sports Lake Trust, as well as generous donations from local organisations and individual personal gestures. This enabled the proposed new playspace to come to fruition and immediately consultations took place with local stakeholders and schoolchildren. It was important that the equipment mirrored the needs and desires of everyone involved. It was also crucial for the park to be all-inclusive.


With a wish list that included the likes of a zip wire, stimulating climbing play units, more swings and a natural look and feel to complement the environment, eibe was asked to design the different phases of the scheme. 

A spokesperson for Cambridge Sport Lakes Trust said: “The children were so keen on having a zip-wire that we added a double zip-wire to the design so that they can play with their friends!”

Opened in 2018, the park has thrived with its new-look playspace. The beautiful, natural-looking playspace features our robinia wooden units that blend harmoniously with the park’s natural setting. The variety of swings and climbing items mean that there is plenty of room for children of different ages to amuse themselves for hours.


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