Worcester Source historic tribute

A new wonderful Worcester playground at Fort Royal, one of the county’s best loved parks and the site of the final battle of the English Civil War in 1651, is soon to be unveiled. 

The £220,000 scheme, funded by Worcester City Council, will feature three new play areas inspired by the site’s colourful civil war history. Each will contain a host of eibe play equipment designed for a myriad of age groups.

The first area, for younger children, replicates a civil war period farm. It will have traditional swings, a slide and small fun pieces of wooden play equipment for both climbing and role play.


The second area, aimed at older children, contains an innovative, large, web-like climbing structure, held up by long poles representing the civil war ‘pikes.’ The product is challenging and perfect for social integration. A third ‘mystery’ play area will be revealed on the day of the city’s official Drum Head Parade – September 3rd. If the installation element goes to plan, all three play areas will be open for use by mid-September.


A specially commissioned monument is also being created and will be positioned at the top of Fort Royal hill. The Battle of Worcester Society also contributed £3,000 to pay for a commemorative plaque.

Cllr Matthew Lamb, Cabinet Member for a Cleaner and Greener City says the project will be superb for locals as well as tourists,

“We hope this significant investment will help to attract many more local, national and international visitors to this wonderful park with its panoramic views – and to raise awareness of the significant role that Worcester has played in British history. It is also about creating a space where children can have lots of fun.”

There will be a new picnic area in the park as well, so that families can enjoy a day out together in a lovely regenerated setting. Maybe with a history lesson thrown in to boot!



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