Where there's a Willingdon, there's a way!

Willingdon and Jevington Parish Council have recently installed a fabulous multi-age playground in East Sussex courtesy of eibe Play.

The launch day, in early April, witnessed twenty school children from Willingdon Primary School testing out the new equipment. The day was opened by the Chairman to the Council, John Pritchett, alongside fellow councillors Martin Cooper and Fran Pritchett, accompanied by Deputy Head of the school, Mrs Stevens.

The original playspace was showing signs of ageing and contained outdated metal equipment; eibe was one of several companies asked by the council to carry out design work and install some alternative, contemporary products.

The council then sought the opinion of local tradesmen as to the best design and we were delighted when eibe proved the most popular amongst all the tendering firms. After a few delays, the works were completed in March of 2014.

Play products include a Playo Unit Magpie, Uranus Roundabout, Mound Slide, Trim trail, Nest Swing, Bay Swings, Flat Swings, Seesaw and Natural balancing items.



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