When Harry Met Willy

Friday October 14th is 950 years to the day since King Harold met William the Conqueror’s invading French force to wage war in the famous 1066 Battle of Hastings.

Historical aficionados have marched from York to Hastings to celebrate the occasion over the last two weeks, dressed in medieval garb, riding horses and entertaining the public and schools along the route.

They arrive in the seaside town on October 14 and a day of festivities will take place, involving local schoolchildren, church services and military parades.

eibe has a close relationship with Hastings Borough Council and our Battle of Hastings themed playground on the regenerated seafront is a lasting symbol of the historic encounter. The striking playspace has been a massive hit with the inhabitants of the town, as well as visiting tourists and day-trippers.


“From the moment we first met with key stakeholders from Hastings, we have worked as a team on all the different projects,” says Paul Redden, eibe’s managing director, “This special anniversary will attract a whole load of new attention on the town and I know that anybody witnessing our themed playground will be impressed with how it blends in with the environment. The kids celebrating the event will, I’m sure, get time to use some of the equipment including the stand-out Bounty Shipwreck that dominates the seaside skyline.”



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