Wet and Wonderful Wollaton

Wet and windy conditions did not prevent a torrent of excited kids stampeding towards the new Wollaton Park Play Area in Nottingham recently.

The £200,000 scheme, courtesy of Nottingham City Council, evolved from a tender way back at the start of 2013. It was won ultimately by eibe Play, after 12 months of rigorous hard work and fundraising.

Once application for planning was gained, momentum gathered pace. Then it was a question of getting buy-in from interested parties such as the English Heritage and the Football Foundation. It was a painstaking process that eventually came to fruition in the summer of 2014 in the shape of an official open day on June 27th.

Alas, the great British weather did its best to dampen spirits, but to no avail, as hundreds of attendees sought out the new equipment on which to play, while a Steel Band played heroically amidst the rain.

Wollaton Hall has always been a much loved Midlands destination; now, with the addition of a fantastic playspace, it will be even busier in the summer holidays.

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