We've got Designs on You

When David Hibberd began life at eibe Play a decade ago, he would not have envisaged that, ten years on, he would be heading up a team of six designers.

Such has been the financial growth at eibe in Hibberd's time that the need to continually recruit talented designers is high on his list of priorities these days.

"With half a dozen creative-thinking people on the team now, we are ideally placed to deal with the incredibly high number of requests and tenders we get from the sales team every day," says Hibberd, "And with every new venture comes responsibility - responsibility to be more creative, more innovative and more inventive. It's a constant evolving desire to produce something wholly unique that motivates us all the time."


Producing ultra-high quality 3D images alongside bespoke videos and walkthroughs, the eibe design team can showcase potential projects in extraordinary detail.

"There really is nothing better than presenting a design that you are particularly proud of, seeing a client's amazement at the plans and then watching the scheme come together and finally appear in front of your very eyes," concludes Hibberd.

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