Train of Thought

The eibe train at Katherine Park is now officially open for rides! Corsham Town Council, supported by Wiltshire Council, is delighted to welcome visitors to its new £25,000 playspace that includes a brand new robinia train, as well as a small mound with embankment slide, springy raft and cradle swings.

The scheme is the smaller of two projects instigated by eibe’s Western Play Consultant, David Chidlow; the second, worth £85,000, will open before the end of the year.

“It’s a really varied playground,” says David, “A clever mixture of the more traditional play equipment with some innovative transportation products such as the train and the raft. Children are more demanding than ever before, so to be able to continually come up with a new “train of thought” is our real success criteria. The larger play area will be even more impactful.”


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