Top Value for Top Valley

Adding value is an essential component of any sales negotiations these days. Here at eibe, rather than give away a product for free (and lowering that all-important margin), we genuinely look at doing something to enhance the whole customer experience. 

With the backing of Nottingham City Council, the Top Valley Community Centre’s new playspace came complete with an extra incentive – a maintenance training course that helped staff to keep the play equipment clean and in original working order. 


The area itself now plays host to an array of great robinia play items including a Winja, a Luta slide tower, balance beam, spring rocker, dragonfly bench and 3 freestanding play panels. After the installation was fully finished, eibe representatives David Chidlow and Mark Millington visited to demonstrate to the client the key bits to maintain; we even presented them with a set of Allen keys to do the job with!



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