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Hadleigh Country Park is one of the largest of its kind in Essex, covering nearly 400 acres. Located right on the Thames Estuary, near Southend-on-Sea, the park is a haven for relaxing recreation and wildlife watching.

A lasting legacy from the 2012 Olympics, Hadleigh played host to the Mountain Bike cross country races on 11th and 12th August. Parts of the track have since been adapted for use by the public, improving the wider network of trails for a range of users, protecting and enhancing the natural and historic environment and creating new visitor facilities.

eibe is delighted to have won a £70K tender and given the chance to enhance the landscape further, adding a magnificent new play area to sit alongside the barns and café – all a far cry from the uneven field of mud that it was in January 2015! 


The range of equipment installed is varied and packed full of adventure. The playspace features an ibondo Aba Tawa unit was tailor-made to reflect the old castle that overlooks the estuary in Leigh. Also included within the play area are our ever-popular Winja play house and an Eagle Nest Swing. To complete the fun, there is also a small bmx track complete with bike racks and willow tunnels for the younger bikers. Rubber bonded mulch gives the area an aesthetically pleasing finish. Indeed Essex County Councils choice of materials ensures the whole are blends attractively, as well as sympathetically, with its natural environment.

At a date in the future, eibe will be adding a water and sand play unit. 


At a date in the future, eibe will be adding a water and sand play unit.

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