The Name of the Game

Trosley Country Park sits in 170 acres of beautiful woodland amidst the North Downs. It hosts a myriad of different wildlife, and the chalk grassland, where you’ll often see the Chalkhill Blue butterfly in the summer, renders the park as a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

Once part of the Trosley Towers Estate, the park is a very popular destination for family day trips and visiting tourists; and now, thanks to the involvement of play equipment specialists, eibe, is home to a soon-to-be-installed renovated, modern playspace.

The new £23,000 play area, based on the design below, was instigated by Parks Manager Nic Browning. After initially consulting with four companies, eibe was chosen to effect the project, due for completion in the Easter holidays 2013.

The focal point will be the new robinia Fredo unit, surrounded by complementary trim trail and an Alexander Playhouse. The area will also feature an entry sign, depicting the name of the park, which will be suggested by children form local schools.

Stuart Evans, eibe’s Southern Play Specialist says the nominations are a great idea,

“Getting kids to choose a name gives an immediate sense of belonging. To engage the community at the conceptual stage ensures people will return to see the playspace come to fruition. It will be interesting to see what names and ideas get put in to the proverbial melting pot!”


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