Swale of a Time

Children on the Isle of Sheppey will be having lots of fun on the new unit installed by eibe Play recently in Minster-on-Sea.

Working in conjunction with Daniel Gooch, Green Spacers Officer at Swale Borough Council, the eibe installation team removed an old metal teen unit, replacing it with a delightful new Rose unit from our brightly coloured minimondo range. Stakeholders at Swale wanted to introduce a fresher look for younger children, while also adding a more natural feel to the area as a whole.

The £6,000 project will add joy and colour to the local neighbourhood, as well as bundles of play value; the Rose features Climbs, Play Tunnels, Bridge, Slide, Ladders and Numeracy Panels.

Everything was done in two days, so Nunnery Grove is already packed full of excited children ready to try out the new park.


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