Sussex Success

The Village Green in Beckley has long been a favourite hangout for neighbouring children. The scenic East Sussex parish has not rested on any laurels however. Under the smooth guidance of Chairman Lauren Dobson and fellow councilor, Tina Langmead, the council has invested in a brand new play area – and eibe was the company chosen!

Trying to stretch the budget as widely as we could, the eibe team set about selecting the perfect blend of products that would attract children of different ages.

The £75,000 project does exactly that; mixing all-inclusive equipment such as the DDA roundabout with challenging and exciting bits of kit like the Saturn Whizzer and the Tarzan Swing. To complete the picture, and add a touch of sporting excellence, we added a Table Tennis Table, as well as a Mound with Slide and tunnels and a Stand up Seesaw.






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