Surely Plassey is the Queen of Wales

One of eibe Play’s most high-profile projects of 2014 was at The Plassey in Wrexham, North Wales. The hugely popular, award-winning leisure attraction installed a castle themed playspace last year and it has been a massive hit with visitors ever since.


The Plassey’s managing director John Brookshaw is delighted with eibe’s involvement and the park’s success:

“It’s been fantastic,” says John, “Even over the winter months, we have been busy most weekends; so busy that the grass is wearing out! So we might look at putting in some artificial grass to keep it looking as great as it did in the summer and on the open day all year around.

As part of eibe’s added value elements included with some of our packages, we offered The Plassey a silver maintenance deal which includes four quarterly inspection visits.

Although the customer is extremely happy with all the equipment and has had some outstanding feedback from parents, the After Sales Care that we offer is a lovely security blanket to have just in case a problem should arise.

On our most recent site visit, the seasonal weather had created a delightful white winter snowscape as you can see from the pictures.

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For more information on our After Sales Care and Maintenance Packages, please call our Projects Team on 01483-813834.

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