Soul Survivor

When a play area is as much loved as London’s Stoneydown, there is a danger in redeveloping it to the extent where it loses its soul. eibe relished this unusual challenge and set about making a great playground even greater with a mixture of new and innovative products and some empathetic restoration of some local treasures.

While cherished within the community, Stoneydown’s component parts certainly needed a little TLC. The 20 year old climbing frame was an issue for Health and Safety and the large boat looked very sorry for itself! After extensive consultation with various Friends of the Group, eibe proposed an £85,000 solution that was imaginative and yet not too radical. The old boat was to be restored and a bespoke climbing frame with a nautical theme would be introduced alongside it. This added adventuresome fun and extended play value to the existing set-up.

The swing provided a further issue; while the current swing proved popular with some, many agreed that a refreshing alternative would be even more of a hit with children from the local area. Eventually, everybody was won over with the suggested overhaul that now included a climbing net and zip wire, a unit that was really popular at the launch event.

Two nearby schools attended the official opening day and the feedback regarding all the new equipment was tremendous.

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