Sky's the limit for Scargreen Skaters

With the support of Liverpool City Council and Mouchel Ltd, eibe have the pleasure of unveiling a brand new Wheeled Sports Facility in Norris Green on Merseyside.


The £73,000 Skate Park overhaul was a much needed upgrade, as the previous location had become run down and a dangerous health hazard for children. The tender process sought to remove the existing damaged macadam and re-surface everything within the fenced perimeter. The entire process took from just June - July 2014 and the result was as dramatic as it was necessary.

The initial design for the park was put forward at the tender stage and in conjunction with the Clients and the Local Community, eibe’s creative was the preferred option.

The next step was to manufacture, deliver and install the new skate equipment – and what a product portfolio for skating aficionados we provided! The site now features a Fun Box/Driveway, numerous Drop-In Ramps, Quarter Pipes, Flatbank, Spine and Midi Ramp. The park also features numerous informal benches which can act as opportunities for skating and grinding on.

Just as we were preparing to showcase our great new arena, we discovered that the place had been broken into. Before our hearts sank too deeply and the cost of repairs calculated, we were flattered that the break-in was harmless and involved eager young skaters who couldn’t wait until the official Open Day to try out all the cool new ramps!

The actual Grand opening is planned for 31st July and will be overseen by the Lord Mayor of Liverpool. The project is sure to be a huge boost to the local area of Norris Green; it will provide the neighbourhood with something new and exciting with which everyone can engage.

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