Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

Looking out across the new play facilities at Bay Cottage on the North West coast of England, you get a real understanding of what the area means to Heysham residents and why such an extreme effort was made to restore the much loved playground.

It was local schoolgirl and triathlon specialist, Niamh Barnsley-Ryan, who has been the inspiration behind the revamped play area on the coast of Heysham in Lancashire. Working tirelessly to help raise the necessary funds, she and the Friends of Bay Cottage desperately wanted to re-develop the beachside playspace that Lancaster City Council said could no longer be maintained. Back before the funding campaign started, Sue Joy-Eatock, chair of the Friends of Bay Cottage play area, commented:

"This play area has been a valuable amenity for children, parents and families for many years and offers outdoor play that is so important for children's development. It opens up the chance to access the beach and all the fun children love by being near the sands. We want to develop a safe but fun and exciting play experience for youngsters that will remain a happy memory for those visiting area as well as local residents.”

The then nine year old Niamh added: "When I heard that the park was closing, I thought it was really sad as me and my friends love playing there. So, I asked if I could do a sponsored event to help raise some money.”

Thanks to Niamh’s commitment and athletic endeavours, plus the consistent and persistent work of the Group, £80,000 was raised and their vision finally became a reality, when, in October 2017, the playground opened once more and eibe was thrilled to be a part of it.


Our unique robinia products really accentuate the natural environment and sit harmoniously amongst our Mounds, Tunnels and Slides. Heysham children will continue to have years of fun in what is truly delightful spot.

Zoe Munby, of Friends of Bay Cottage Play Area, said: “It has taken us three years to get to this stage, but it has been worth it to see a treasured community park – which has been used by generations of families – brought back to life and bringing fun to the many.”

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