Robinson Cruise Oh!

eibe Play is pleased to unveil a new playspace in Robinson Road, Newhaven. The £20,000 Riverside Park scheme originally evolved from a series of meetings with local children and stakeholders. The regeneration is now complete with a brand new playspace including an array of dynamic equipment.

Lesley Boniface from Friends of Riverside Park explains the background to the project: 

"The design for the play park came about as a collaboration and consultation with the local children who were using the park a couple of years ago when it was obvious the old play equipment was coming to the end of its life.” 

It was then that Chris Bibb, Project Manager at Lewes District Council involved eibe Play and specified three pieces of equipment to transform the look and feel of the playground. The centrepiece is our iconic Pinta Pirate Ship, supported by a playo Hannes Toddler unit and Stand-up Seesaw.


"What we see today is literally what was asked for – swings, slides, lots of climbing, some spinning things, a sandpit and room to run around in,” adds Lesley, who is delighted that they opted for a wooden play area rather than metal to blend in with the natural environment at Riverside.

"My personal favourites are obviously the pirate ship and the big seesaw – it’s great to see the mums and dads joining in playing on the seesaw,” she concludes.


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