Playfair / Saltex 2014

eibe Play is delighted to be back at PlayFair in 2014. Showcasing several great new products, eibe’s stand this year will be full of movement and dynamism.

The centrepiece is the Quad Pod, an innovative, exhilarating climber that offers a new spin on interactive play. Users can push, walk, run, sit, stand or lie down while spinning on the large platform. Better still, take a ride in one of 4 spinning pods or climb up to even higher adventures.

Built with inventor Dynamo’s exclusive speed-limiting bearing and within a 3-Dimensional play area, this game provides a safe, yet thrilling experience. Designed with maximum play value in mind, up to 40 children of ages 5-12 can enjoy this ride that helps promote physical and social activity.

Surrounding the Quad, eibe has four other main items; the ibondo train and trawler ship will ‘transport’ youngsters to a new adventure, while the ever-popular active trail is guaranteed to keep them busy and fit. For a quieter moment, kids can relax in our picturesque minimondo Apple Tree.


Come and grab a drink with the eibe team and discuss your plans for playground development – if you’re really good, we might let you have a go on the Quad Pod!

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