Play for Today

Muntham House School in Horsham is one of the country’s leading specialist schools that support the education and care of boys aged 8-18, as well as their families and carers. 

Set up by the Ministry of Education in 1953, Muntham has established some superbly beneficial partnerships with local authorities across the whole of the South of England, along with some other special needs organisations. Now, adding to their commitment towards the wellbeing of young people even further, they have added some brand new play equipment in the garden.

The £30,000 scheme features a Wooden Treehouse, Stork’s Nest, Climbing Pyramid and Nest Swing, aimed at both the younger children and those in senior school. Working alongside Behaviour Specialist, Laurence Clayton, and Head Teacher, Harry Anderson, all the equipment was installed onto grass matting over the summer holidays in time for the new autumn term. We’re sure that it will be a great source of integration and outdoor activities.




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