Paultons Pork!

It is difficult to believe that it is seven years since eibe worked with Paultons Park on the ever-popular Peppa Pig World. The themed area has been a huge hit since its introduction to the family favourite attraction in deepest Hampshire.

With an abundance of fun stuff that's brightly coloured, the equipment has seen its fair share of happy visitors for nearly a decade. We recently caught up with the owners who are delighted with how well all the products have lasted.

Paultons Park is the top rated attraction on TripAdvisor with excellent feedback scores. eibe is delighted to have played a part in that success: click here to see reviews.

“Peppa Pig World is still really popular with our young visitors. eibe’s equipment has  worn extremely well over the last seven years and still looks vibrant and colourful. Considering the many thousands of children that have used the area, we are delighted with the quality of products and how they have stood the test of time.” - James Mancy, Park GM





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