Park Life

As a parting gift to the school and her pupils, the departing Headteacher at Park Primary School in East London left behind a legacy of a delightful new playground. Not only did she oversee the project and watch it come to fruition, but she also chose the specific equipment that was to be installed.

The Borough of Newham School now has a fantastic Aba Tawa Unit, built on striking green wetpour and an ibondo Creative station near an existing canopy. The £25,000 scheme had to be fitted in to a relatively small area, so the school needed a play unit that could take lots of children and the resulting heavy footfall. It was also important that the relevant unit contained a multitude of play features, without occupying too much space.

eibe’s local consultant David Chidlow says that optimising space is a core skill when it comes to the design element,

“Having a huge portfolio of products to choose from enables our design team to maximise the opportunity and produce a great playspace regardless of square area. The Aba Tawa and ibondo look superb and yet don’t appear cramped given the limitations of the environment.”


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