One in a Million

eibe’s relationship with LEGOLAND dates back many years and our joint ventures span the entire globe. From the popular UK tourist attraction’s Pirate Playspace to our Germany counterpart in Günzburg, right across Asia to LEGOLAND Malaysia, eibe has installed some truly inspiring playspaces around the world.

In a recent Customer Service visit, project manager Ben Neaves discovered just how well used the Berkshire theme park’s 2013 hotel playground is.

“Overall the equipment still looks fantastic,” says Ben, “It is coping extremely well with the massive footfall that ensues from the vast numbers of guests that the attraction pulls in. Bearing in mind over one million children have used our playground; it is amazing that it still retains its overall cosmetic look and feel, as well as providing continual play value. It is great to hear that it is as popular today as when it first opened”.


We hope to continue our work on the various LEGOLAND sites around the world in the not too distant future. For details of all the fun you can have in Windsor, visit

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