No Joke for Stoke

Regrettably, repairs due to vandalism are an essential component of our business. It is crucial, therefore, that we have systems in place to deal with such eventualities promptly and professionally. 

This was the case after recent damage was inflicted on the Stoke Heath Recreation Ground and local parish councillor John Ellis declared it unfit for use.

eibe’s David Chidlow immediately went to site to find out the extent of the damage and responded with a quote for the works within 24 hours.


“Even if it’s just a couple of missing bolts or some cut ropes, if children cannot utilise a playspace, then it’s imperative that we react in the quickest way possible, to ensure the equipment is usable as soon as possible. Customer Service is an integral part of our Business Charter, so we always respond to problems as soon as they arise,” comments eibe’s managing director, Paul Redden.

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