Mouse House doesn't take the Mickey

eibe is very excited to present the robinia Mouse House, the first of its kind in the UK. Installed recently at Black Country Park in Slough, this lovely looking feature is the centrepiece of the new Berkshire playspace and is surrounded by a host of other great play features. Also in the park, there is a stand Up Seesaw, Nest Swing, Toddler Swings and the robinia Minimondo Toddler Unit, all located on specially designed bark pits. Visiting children will certainly not get bored.

Utilising a 30K budget, the existing equipment was removed by the customer to enable the replacement and upgrading of the new innovative play pieces. Working in conjunction with Parks Manager, Amanda Mulholland, the eibe team commenced work in early November and finished just a few weeks later, despite some initial inclement weather causing an excess of mud.

“There’s nothing like getting your hands dirty!” commented eibe’s Southern Play Consultant, Stuart Evans.

If you would like this competitively priced Mouse House in your playground, call us today on 01483 813834.



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