Magpie Joy for Girl and Boy

Set just off the A3 near the Surrey / Hampshire border, Churt Parish Council have seen two years’ of hard fundraising finally come to fruition.

eibe’s Stuart Evans first met with Councillor Eunice Birch in 2013 to discuss the potential for a new playground for the village. With funding the key priority, the team set out on a mission to raise the necessary £50,000 from various sources. 

In the late summer of 2015, all the effort and toil paid dividends, as the park was opened for the first time. Featuring the stand-out Playo magpie unit, as well as a fun Cableway, tyre swing and climbing nets, the playspace has loads of new play equipment designed to entertain children of all ages.

The products were installed on to bonded mulch, giving a pleasant cosmetic look to the whole surroundings. Overall, Churt offers a perfect balance of challenge and excitement for local children.

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