Luke to the Future

eibe has increased its headcount in its design studio once more. Joining the existing four-man team is Luke Chittenden, a graphics specialist with a background in playground design. Previously with SSP Water Play, Luke is totally au fait with producing unique concepts that capture the imagination of customers looking for something different and impactful.

"More and more of our work requires our designers thinking outside the box and coming up with a new way of presenting a playspace. To find someone who is expert in 3D and has a background in our industry is a real bonus," says Design Director David Hibberd,

"2014 is sure to be a busy year for the company, so we need the support to ensure that our sales team's requests are met at all times."

Luke joins Hibberd, Dominic Ballard, Jason Griffiths and Alistair McArthur in the new quintet.


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