Lucky Horseshoe

The Three Horseshoes is a quaint, award-winning country pub nestled in the picturesque village of Thursley in the heart of the Surrey Hills. A stone’s throw from the popular local is a newly revamped children’s playground, which eibe had recently installed. Inspired by the products he saw in the park, Three Horseshoes owner, Jim Dickie, wanted his very own updated equipment for his pub garden.


Selecting a colourful combination play unit and a Paso Doble trim trail as main features, the pub is sure to attract even more families from now on. The £10,000 investment certainly looks money well-spent and will form part of a bigger refurbishment across the entire premises.



With more and more restaurants, hostelries and pubs introducing elements of play to their overall offering, eibe is perfectly placed to deliver the right products at the right price to landlords and owners around the U.K.



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