Long Live the King

King George Recreation Ground has a new heir to its throne in the shape of a fantallica 30 metre cableway. The fabulous piece of kit replaces the old-fashioned glider that had become dated and unused. Chosen from a shortlist of three great eibe products, this double cableway uses a small mound to launch its users to embark on a thrill ride to the other side. The smooth journey gives them a feeling of freedom, gliding through the air on the attached pendulum seat. Manufactured from galvanised steel, ensuring longevity, the tensioning and automatic brake system also makes the cableway a safe but challenging favourite.


At the same time, we also installed 5-a-side goal posts in the open space adjacent to the playground. The goals were funded by the local Friends Group with the support of Hertsmere Council with whom we worked as a result of the original tender.


As the official opening was scheduled for the Easter weekend, eibe donated 75 eggs and a special chocolate bunny towards their treasure hunt. Christina, the chair of the Friends Group, was delighted with how everything turned.



Stock image: an example of the fantallica cableway

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