Let's All Do the Congo

Following Amicus Homes’ £50,000 scheme at Priory Road in Hastings in the autumn of 2014, eibe has installed another new playspace for the popular property pioneers at Halton Place, also in the East Sussex seaside town.

The feature item is an Amazon Congo Unit installed onto green bonded mulch. It is perfect for younger children (5+), complete with challenging bridge, rope stairs ramps and slide. It offers a good mix of play opportunities with the differing ascents, as well as the thrill of the plunge down the slide. 

Elsewhere on the new site is a wooden Football Goal, as well as a Play board. The client is once again more than happy, with Project Surveyor Ray Phillips commenting,

“It’s a really good installation and excellent value for money.”

The Residents of Hastings are getting spoilt for choice!




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