Jubilee Line

A long line of children queued up to sample the new equipment at Jubilee Park on its recent launch day.

Named after the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the East London Park has over 60 acres of land, so easily accommodated the three guest schools who waited excitedly for the official opening.


The park is crammed full of different eibe gear, offering a range of physical activities for the discerning little Londoner. The main unit is a bespoke item requested by the council’s architect. Our designers and installers created two large platforms accessed by climbing nets with double large slides coming off them, one slightly higher and more challenging than the other. There is then a tunnel slide on the larger platform and small slides coming off the natural mound, with green bonded bark mulch underneath.

The scheme cost £49,000 and the launch coincided with the opening of a new bridge that leads to the park.


After the thrilled schoolchildren had finished having fun, a host of new visitors turned up almost immediately, eager to have a go on the climbing units and slides. It seems the park will be full for quite some time.


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