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The Club Company owns ten separate golf clubs around the UK. They typically combine a traditional golf environment with superb modern health and fitness facilities for the whole family – all within a Country Club environment. One of them, Benton Hall Golf & Country in Essex, has recently added a delightful new eibe play area alongside its gym and spa to enhance its appeal to visiting families with children.

The £16,000 scheme will include eibe’s ever-popular playo unit, as well as a pretty playhouse, both installed on safe, rubber bonded mulch. The club’s own maintenance team have then added complementary fencing and benches.

Initial feedback from those using the area has been tremendously positive, leading to the distinct possibility of further expansion at other Club Company sites in the future.

David Chidlow, eibe’s local Consultant, believes that other sporting establishments could follow suit,

“Instead of mums, dads and children going separate ways to find their own choice of leisure and enjoyment, these all-encompassing destinations mean the whole family can enjoy time together at the same venue.”



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