Huge Worth in Littleworth

In a quintessentially English corner of the world, Norton Juxta Kempsey Parish Council has being working tirelessly on a fund-raising mission for several years. Its aim was to build a new playspace at Norton Parish Hall, on the site of an old park which had been in much need of modernisation for a long time.

The new eibe playground in Littleworth, officially opened in April 2015, has finally come to fruition thanks to a fund of £140,000, raised by a combination of the parish council, Wychavon District Council, section 106 funding, community grants, Norton Toddlers and Norton Charities.  

 IMG_3617-Small IMG_3618-Small

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The tender for the work was initially awarded to eibe back in July 2014. Then, with a little bit of tweaking to the original design, the order for the new equipment was placed in October. The play area was opened at Easter and the open day staged a couple of weeks later. Some of the children, many of whom were involved in the initial consultation, were invited to take the afternoon off school to go and play! Well, who wouldn’t?

Parish Council Clerk, Jane Greenway, is delighted with the way things have evolved and eibe’s involvement from start to finish in the project:

"The park is really lovely and we are so pleased with how it has turned out. It's a pleasure to see the new recreational facilities being enjoyed by the community. The parish council worked hard to deliver this project and we want to thank everyone for their support."



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