Hereford Heads for High Waters

Children of Hereford will be springing to life this Easter when a brand new pirate ship will be installed thanks to the work of Fran White, Parks Development Manager at Herefordshire Parks & Countryside Service in conjunction with eibe Play.

Herefordshire has a play partnership which aims to promote and support projects that deliver play throughout the county. The partnership is facilitated by Herefordshire Council and consists of a group of organisations that already work with children and understand their needs in relation to the whole subject of play. The partnership works with agencies, communities and children to help meet needs and promote regular access to free, inclusive local play facilities and services.

The new Santa Maria unit, one of eibe’s most iconic products, builds on this ethos and will adorn the County’s playspace, complete with sand raft on springs and a wooden roof.

Jason Lee, eibe’s West Country specialist, negotiated the deal and says that the Santa Maria guarantees hours of play value for the community,

“There are loads of our ships all around the UK now, from the middle of Scotland right down to the South Coast of England. The investment for such an impactful piece of equipment is not insignificant; but the return, in terms of enjoyment for the neighbourhood’s children, is enormous. I’m looking forward to seeing the project completed in early April.”


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