Happy Lannyversary

A former Llanidloes Mayor celebrated his 100th birthday in the summer and helped open a new eibe built playground.

Fred Davies, a hugely popular local man and current Mayor, Cllr Phyl Davies, were on hand to welcome in the town’s playspace and mark his amazing century milestone.

County Cllr Gareth Morgan “cut the ribbon” and said a few words about Fred’s services to the community, “He’s well liked and so popular, he still lives on his own and his independent; he deserves all the credit and celebrations for his birthday.”

The lovely children’s park now features the likes of a multi-purpose unit with slide from our playo range, a nest swing and some gym equipment, so it can be used not only by toddlers but by centurions like Fred too! Keep fit while you watch your children have fun – eibe Play has all the answers…





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