Happy Dinoversary

It is three years since our magical Jurassic-themed park opened to the public at Southwater near Horsham. Dinosaur Island has been amazingly busy over the course of the last 1,000 days, as eibe’s very own ‘fossil’, Stuart Evans, uncovered during a recent care visit.

Catching up with Stuart Ward, Park Rangers Manager at Horsham District Council, we learned that the park has been so overloaded with visitors that there has been parking issues due to the sheer influx of traffic.

“It is not just a brilliant play area for Sussex locals,” explains Evans, “It’s a destination park for the whole of the South East. I met tourists who had driven for over an hour and a half!”

Dinosaur Island features an array of fantastic play equipment, special effects such as an active volcano, red hot lava flows, a tar quagmire, a dinosaur swamp and a prehistoric jungle. It is a delightful themed playspace that commemorates a past age. Toddlers through to teenagers can use the park. For the older kids, there’s the zip wire across lizard infested ditches and a really exciting aerial walkway along sheer slopes to look out over the Country Park Lake; small ones will love crossing the dinosaur bones and deadly swampland. Even the parents enjoy swinging through the jungle and climbing the volcano!


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