Good to have a Bacup

Surrounded by moorlands with an occasional sprinkling of windswept gritstone, Todmorden is a picturesque parish that lies close to the border of Lancashire and Yorkshire. Now, thanks to a venture undertaken with eibe, the Upper Calder Valley town now plays host to a brand new, natural-looking playspace, guaranteed to keep local children entertained for many years.

The Bacup Road Play Area stemmed from a tender process to redevelop a run-down pocket playground on the outskirts of town. The £22,000 project included a variety of small, traditional play elements, such as a double swing, trim trail, see-saw and spring rocker.

The installation team also added a new hard standing path to the play area, as well as widening the pedestrian entrance to the site – all to make it more accessible to users.

Immediate feedback has been tremendously positive from children and parents. Although they didn’t want to shout too much, as this cosy part of the world is still a national secret…


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