Friends Forever

Armscroft Park in Gloucester opened its new fully equipped playground in January 2018 after a year of tireless campaigning from Fundraiser Sarah Sawyer and the Friends of Elmbridge team. Talks initially began in late spring of 2017 and the £50,000 scheme was installed by Gloucester City Council at the beginning of this year.

When we first consulted with Sarah and her team, we were shown an existing fenced off area with trim trail that needed some bright new equipment packed with play value.

“It’s going to be a centre point for families in the park, Sarah informed us, “Families are already meeting here at the trim trail for picnics because it’s a safe fenced area.”

As a result of those original meetings, eibe proposed a mixture of traditional products such as a Nest Swing and Toddler Swings, as well as a delightful Minimondo Carnation unit, perfect for smaller children, who can play safely whilst socialising and, hopefully, make friends forever.



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