Fields of Fun for Norfolk Folk

Greenfields is one of three brand new parks recently opened in a £74,000 regeneration project in Norfolk. Under the guidance of Mike Parker, Parks & Open Spaces Officer at Norwich City Council, the Fiddlewood play area along with those at Penny Royal and Bussey Road has been completely refurbished and equipped with some great new play products from eibe’s extensive portfolio.

Greenfields includes an inclusive Basket Swing, a thrilling 20m Aerial Cableway with a start Platform, plus a large central Play unit from eibe’s ibondo range. The new unit offers a multitude of different ascents and endless play possibilities with an individual design.

Penny Royal is a small, but well-loved play area in the heart of the local housing estate. It has been revamped to offer it a new lease of life and to provide hours of play value for the neighbourhood. New spring rocker animals, a swing frame, gymnastic bars, as well as a slide and climbing tower from eibe’s playo range complete the transformation.

“It’s a great little economical playground with loads to do in a confined space,” says eibe’s Eastern Play Consultant David Chidlow.

Bussey Road has a sloped tarmac area, surrounded by a brick wall in the centre of the local housing estate. It seems an unlikely place for a play area, but working with an experienced design team at eibe, the project team and the residents of the Fiddlewood area have created an exciting and aesthetically pleasing playground. Equipment includes a challenging and invigorating stand up roundabout, a spring rocker, a play slide and a toddler climbing / crawling tunnel combination. A final splash of colour with complementary wet pour gives Bussey Road that perfect finishing touch.


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