eibe ties up Notts

The second of Notcutts' “New Playgrounds” schemes was recently completed in Wheatcroft, Nottinghamshire.

The popular Garden Centre chain is developing stores across several regions and the Wheatcroft project follows hot on the heels of the first one in Tunbridge Wells, built in March 2014.

So while parents enjoy a much needed refreshment, they can relax and keep an eye on the children in the new adjoining play areas.


The new £32,000 East Midlands scheme features identical kit to the Kent playspace, which is dominated by the flagship Nina and supported by a Lighthouse, two Play Panels and a Spring Rocker.

The individual space design was tweaked due to a variation in in layout with Wheatcroft offering a rectangle shaped solution, but in terms of familiarity and consistent branding, the Notcutts playgrounds will be almost identical.

Further ‘mirror’ projects are to follow in Oxford and Solihull very shortly.

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