eibe Sharpens Some Pencils

St Christopher’s is a charming independent school in Belsize Park, North London. Founded in 1883, the school occupies an Old Victorian House with beautiful grounds featuring some new eibe Play equipment. The install, part of an extensive refurbishment programme across the whole school, involved relocating existing kit and supplying some brand new products. 

“It was necessary to first remove their existing climbing pencils from the Key Stage 1 playground and reinstall them into the sharp new reception playground,” explains eibe managing director, Paul Redden. 

“We then added the specified robinia climbing bars where the pencils had been previously.” 

Both pieces of equipment are set on Wetpour; the overall look and feel is bright and inviting. Indeed, when our local London Playspace Consultant went to sign off the job, the school were so impressed with our work that they asked if we could install a hopscotch area within a couple of days. With our dedicated projects team working overtime, we managed to organise it for the Saturday, just two days later. The children of St Christopher’s love their new playground equipment and wish they could have even more!

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