eibe's Military Precision

Throughout the 21st Century, eibe has worked conscientiously with the team at Shepway District Council on a number of different schemes for the Royal Military Canal. The tree lined banks of the canal are an excellent place for quiet enjoyment, whether walking, fishing or simply chilling with friends and family, with the enhanced play area an integral part of its appeal.

The children's playspace is located at the start of the famous waterway in Seabrook. It's based on a scale model of the canal's unique cross section with swings, a log climbing frame and balancing trail. 

The first of our play projects centred around building the actual themed area, reflecting the area’s history and traditions. Installed as long ago as 2003, the playground is still as popular as ever and was enhanced back in 2016 with the addition of our bestselling Terion Unit. 

Wind forward three years and we were delighted to revisit the Kent coast once more to add even more play value to the recreation area. Working alongside the councils’ Building Surveyor, Aarron McKinney, eibe installed a new Junior Swing set, as well as a replacement Wobbly Bridge.


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