eibe Mingle with Pringle

With crucial funding secured by local community group, the Selkirk Playpark Project, Pringle Park is a brand new £125,000 scheme from Scottish Borders. The playspace is a design and build and is the result of a competitive tender process boosted by money from the Big Lottery Fund.

Work will begin in earnest on the Pringle Project in November with completion expected before Christmas 2013. The operational aspects are fairly complex, as there is also an earthworks contractor on site, who themselves are doing a lot of ground levelling, shaping and installing of a new drainage system.

“We are going to have to carefully manage our own intricate installation programme with theirs,” says eibe Sales Manager, Mark Gornall, “It’s a question of professional empathy with an ultimate desire to deliver the best end result for the customer, regardless of who is doing specifics.”

The area will feature three main play platforms, split across separate contoured levels. The centrepiece, the bespoke robinia climbing unit, will be a definite favourite with the neighbourhood and sits right in the middle of the playground.

Aimed at everyone from toddlers through to young teens and offering a wide range of play opportunities, Pringle Park is an expansive and natural playspace that will include a dry river bed feature, as well as stone stepped seating in the hills.

“It’s been a genuine community effort,” says Mark, “The group even has its own Facebook page dedicated to the project!”


You can see reviews and comments at https://www.facebook.com/SelkirkPlayparkProject

And you can see pictures of how it is progressing at www.selkirkweekendadvertiser.co.uk/news/local-news/park-project-moves-into-new-phase-1-3136193

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