eibe is off the scale!


eibe has always been immensely proud of its scope of coverage in the UK. From Kent to Cornwall, Wales to Scotland, we have installed some amazing playspaces in amazing settings. Continuing our regional diversity, our latest sojourn saw us in sunny Cumbria adding a wooden play area in the coastal town of Seascale.

The £108,000 Seascale Community Beach Project features a bespoke village unit, alongside a Hydra Snake Swing, Saturn Turntable, Seesaw, Jumping Plates, Spring Rockers and a delightful Lake House in sympathy with the neighbouring harbour.

Chairman of the project team, Lizzie Mawson, worked alongside landscape architect, Sarah Autie, to effect the bold and colourful scheme. She let eibe projects manager, Ben Neaves, know how thrilled she was with the outcome:

“Wow Ben! The equipment is beautiful. The details and quality are outstanding. It's going to be amazing. The boats have Viking helmets on their flags. Seascale is an original Viking settlement!” - Elizabeth Mawson





Inclement weather - too much sun meant that the local fire brigade were needed to water the surrounding grass areas.

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