eibe Digs Deep in Devon

Phase Two of a project in deepest Devon proved problematic for eibe’s experienced installation team recently. Several issues arose involving drainage and occupation that delayed progress. But with a patient and professional approach to all parties, the scheme eventually came to fruition. Dave Cook, Senior Engineer - East Devon District Council, was hugely impressed with how things were resolved, and more importantly, how popular the new equipment is: 

The developer of the site imported poor drainage material to a depth of approximately 500mm over the entirety of the public open space. This caused significant issues relating to the required amount of excavation as well as the volume of material to remove from site. eibe was very fair in resolving this dispute. The equipment that has been installed is very well used and has been enjoyed by the community. The final tower unit has now been completed and has received relentless attention since the safety fencing was removed yesterday. Please thank Ray and his team for their efforts to complete what has been a difficult site.”


The £60,000 project follows on from last year’s initial installation phase and is situated on top of the original area overlooking the rest of the play equipment. The inventive design features a fort-like structure with two spiral slides, as well as internal climbing walls and nets.


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