eibe Celebrates Red Nose Day

Downing tools for a while, the eibe team in Surrey embraced the recent Red Nose Day party with an array of spectacular uniforms. From the sophistication of Japanese culture and the theatrical macabre of the Phantom of the Opera, to fluffy gowns, cute capes and cunning kilts, eibe’s prize for best outfit was sure to be a photo finish, especially with a pair of joyful jockeys judging. Spiderman caught everyone’s attention in his own weird web of wonder, only gazumped in terms of journey-to-work embarrassment by the Strange Blue Clouded Man. We’re not even sure he works here… 




Day organiser, Sally Ward, commented:


“Regardless of job title, everybody joined in, helping us to raise over £65 for the charitable event. Admittedly, we all got a few strange looks on the commute home!”



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