eibe Berks up the Right Tree

Pinewood Activities lies between Crowthorne and Wokingham in leafy Berkshire. Here you’ll find playgrounds for children of all ages, as well as an exercise area, a pond and picnic spaces. You can also meander through miles of charming woodland. 

This summer, eibe was delighted to enhance the play provision and install some brand new kit to add to the existing equipment. 

The £45,000 project was funded by Wokingham Parish Council under the guidance of Councillor and Play Project Manager, Seona Turtle. The new area features a host of imaginative play units including a Snake Swing, Winja Unit, Toddler Cradle Swings, Junior Climbing Unit, Stand-up Seesaw and Trampoline. All were installed onto bark pits or grass matting. 

All stakeholders were thrilled with how everything turned out, with particular reference to the very courteous installation team.



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