eibe adds Stability to Whitstable

Whitstable Castle in Kent is set in an idyllic environment near the centre of the town. Its gardens incorporate a host of attractions, as well as a stunning eibe playground.

Originally home to the Pearson family in the late 18th century and developed and extended by successive owners over the years, the castle and gardens are managed by an independent trust and have recently undergone some repairs and modernisation to the original playground equipment that we installed in 2010.


Centred round our stand-out Pinta Ship, the playspace also features some playhouses and trails. The recent adjustments included replacing some ropes and new swing joints.
Head Gardener Rickie Brook says the area looks brand new still:

“I am very pleased with the work and overall service. The installers were extremely efficient, polite and helpful. Everything was left neat and tidy.”

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