Dome is Where the Heart is

From our stunning barn creation at Hootz House Pensthorpe to our extraordinary underground project, Amazonia in Bolton, eibe Play has been bringing outdoor adventures indoors for many years, inventing extraordinary schemes that maximise play value by being available all year.

We were, therefore, delighted to get involved with Bluestone Wales, a fun, family resort near the Wild West Coast of Wales, offering guests a perfect place to spark their imagination end engage with a variety of outdoor activities – inside a giant dome. 

The Bluestone Resort is near Narbeth in the county of Pembrokeshire, a county steeped in rich history and unique charm. There is loads to do around the coast and that's before you venture inland and discover the delights of the Serendome!


Serendome features an imaginative, transparent roof that hosts myriad of play zones, including a daring Skywalk and an Imagination Garden. eibe’s involvement came in the new Water Play area, where we partnered with Rachel Bramley, project administrator at Touchwood Play. We supplied one of our stainless-steel water pumps, a water spiral and sand Silo unit at a cost of £6,200. So much do in one weather-proof dome – it’s genius.


And it’s proving pretty popular already…

“Serendome - brilliant. Water play and sand play kept the girls occupied for ages.”

“Serendome: It is fantastic and can only get better. The water and sand area were super, clean and lots to encourage children to play.”

“The children loved the pool, Serendome, the water play area, sand play and village play park.” 

“We popped down to the new Serendome and my daughter loved the sand play area, water area and small slide and swings.”

“The Serendome is amazing - so much for children of all ages but again mostly little ones - lovely sand area, water area, play park, soft play.”

“Brilliant for toddlers, the Serendome has a sand pit play area, water play area and an area with soft play building blocks.”

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