Doing Darn Well in Barnwell

Following an original ibondo-inspired project in May 2011, eibe recently completed an update installation at Barnwell Country Park in Northampton. 

Located in the heart of the Nene Valley, Barnwell lies just outside the historic market town of Oundle. It has 15 hectares of lakes, riverbank and meadows to explore; and with waterside trails, numerous picnic spots, a wealth of wildlife and facilities, it is a great place for a family day out, especially with its all new play facility. 

The eibe ibondo unit still dominates the playspace but with an additional investment of £8,000, Philippa Croucher, Country Parks Officer at Oundle Town Council has helped introduce an Embankment Slide, as well as a Scramble Net and Stepping Logs to the area. Using the existing natural embankment, eibe’s 1.5m double width slide and robinia hill platform and net creates a fun, safe toddler play area in the meadow behind the visitor centre.


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